Padi Rescue Diver

Challenging and rewarding. This is the best description for the PADI Rescue Diver course. Building on what you have already learned, further attention in this course is spent on what you already know about problem prevention and what to do if they occur.

Rescue Divers learn to look beyond themselves and take the safety and comfort of other divers into consideration.

This training in rescue prepares you, to prevent problems and, when necessary, to act in an emergency using a variety of techniques.

The philosophy of the PADI Rescue Diver course is that there is rarely only one way to accomplish a task. There is no appropriate way to perform a rescue, there are always various options on which the diver, depending on the situation, can fall back. You learn to think about the options that are available to act in an emergency and then act with the best technique for a given situation first.

What you will learn

  • Self rescue
  • Recognize stress in other divers and deal with it
  • Dealing with an emergency and emergency equipment
  • Rescue Divers who are panick
  • Rescue unconscious divers

The course also includes some first aid training. Here you will learn all the techniques for administering first aid, including CPR and rescue breathing. Furthermore, you will learn how you can take care of all kinds of wounds and how to deal with an AED and administering pure oxygen.

The course consists of five parts theory, one pool session, 4 open water dives including two scenarios.
The student should also propose an Emergency assistance plan for a particular dive site.


The EFR Primary and Secondary Care (BLS+FA) training shall be given before the rescue diver course and takes 1 day.

No own dive equipment, no problem, you can rent one from us for the duration of the course, this will cost € 50.

Number of dives:

  • Pool sessions: 1
  • Open water: 4


  • Minimaal age of 12 years
  • PADI (junior) Adventure Diver

Included :

  • Crewpack Ultimate
    • Manual
    • DVD
    • Pocketmask
  • Manual EFR Primairy and Secundairy Care
  • Certification Card: Rescue and EFR

Price: € 379