Project Aware

Project AWARE is a non-profit, worldwide organization with the aim of protecting through education, awareness and action the Underwater World. Founded in 1995 by PADI (the Professional Association of Diving Instructors) as a response to growing concern among some divers on the damages of the coral reefs.

By human intervention, the number of reefs were severely reduced. Not only campaigns, drew attention to the coral reefs, but also the problems of pollution of the oceans and the protection of sharks were raised.

In recent years, we see that more and more divers get convinced, and contribute. The slogan "protecting the ocean planet - one dive at a time."

When we dive, we also want to do our part for this project, therefor we organize annually some activities like petitions, organized dives to clean-up some dive places,....

PADI together with Project Aware, have developed a number of specialties in this area.

As a diver you can also support the project, each PADI certification card exists in two flavors: a standard card and a Project Aware card. The Project Aware card costs 10 euros and this amount will go to the Project Aware Foundation to support their current activities. Furthermore, you can also participate in the activities organized by us.


"Remember the protection of the Ocean starts with yourself"


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